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JDOTF / Beautiful & Human Top

hi i will review this now

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could you get it to fit the body shape a bit better?

you can upload a male and female representation for one item

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I will work on this now – should I create both a made and female version?

I did want to go for a bit oversized in the design, but I can adjust the model to fit better.

I do like the fit of the slightly bigger shirt on the character – is there a workaround?

Thanks so much :pray:

if you can work the weight painting a bit more so that half of the torso isnt so effected by the hips i think it will be okay

Screenshot 2022-02-16 at 12.54.22
this was the original

This is the new design I will send you now.

I have updated the file.

Thanks for your help. :pray:

nice i will take a look

this collection has been approved! :slight_smile:

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