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Jan Frank’s Glasses

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Jan Frank’s Glasses


Modeled by Archonomous based on Jan Frank’s painted abstractions of his very own glasses. Part of an upcoming museum grand opening featuring past and unreleased works from Jan himself.

Learn more about Jan Frank

This should be the preview image PNG - for some reason it’s displaying differently in the forums than in the editor.

Super cool glasses! There may be IP issues, please provide written consent by Jan Frank in order to proceed with this design. Mail:, thank you!

Thank you, @Kat! Jan Frank himself has retweeted the release and we have a written agreement between all parties - I will email this in confidentiality momentarily.

Update: email has been sent

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Perfect, thanks for your patience, collection approved. Can’t wait to see these in DCL!

Thanks so much, Kat! Us as well :sunglasses:

Hello Kat,

The glasses look great in game, but the sprite image appears to still be incorrect. Can you confirm if this older image can be swapped with the PNG I posted above? Thank you in advance ~

Hi there, some modifications can be made after an item has been approved but not many due to blockchain restraints. I’m going to reject your item which will let you make any necessary changes and when you’re ready press resubmit. Please let me know if you have any issues and when you’re ready for it to be re-approved, thanks!

The item has been fixed - thank you! I think it was something to do with the image file, as I re-exported it and it seemed to work fine this time.

Awesome, it’s approved again now!

Thank you very much, Kat!

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