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IONIQ 6 Wearable Collection

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IONIQ 6 Racing Jacket #1

IONIQ 6 Racing Jacket #2

IONIQ 6 Utility Pants #1

IONIQ 6 Utility Pants #2

IONIQ 6 Visor #1

IONIQ 6 Visor #2

IONIQ 6 Visor #3

IONIQ 6 Smart Glass #1

IONIQ 6 Smart Glass #2

IONIQ 6 Smart Glass #3

IONIQ 6 Smart Glass #4

IONIQ 6 Smart Glass #5

IONIQ 6 Smart Glass #6

IONIQ 6 Smart Glass #7

IONIQ 6 Sling Backpack #1

IONIQ 6 Sling Backpack #2

IONIQ 6 Sling Backpack #3

IONIQ 6 Inline Skates #1

IONIQ 6 Inline Skates #2

The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


  1. ALL (except for IONIQ 6 Visors) items must have their texture and material counts reduced to 3 and 3 respectively (at maximum).

  2. Do you have a permission to use Hyundai logo? Please, provide written consent by Hyundai to proceed with this design. Please email to reconfirm that the NFTs/wearables submitted is in full compliance with Decentraland’s Content Policy and Terms of Use and you accept those terms.

  3. The utility pants seem to be identical. Two identical wearables are not allowed in a collection.

  4. Consider adding an actual earring model to the backpacks. Right now they fall into a misleading category, and, as long as there is no separate category for backpacks, you need to append these with something, that justifies their presence in the earring category.

  5. Missing polys on the bottom side of the visor? True for all visor items.

  6. Might be a good idea to fix these baking issues, during some anims they look awkward. True for both representations of both jackets.


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Hi AndreusAs
Nice to meet you!

I’m PM Yun,
I was in charge of uploading this project.
Thank you so much for your feedback!
We are checking and fixing problems.
But can I ask you just one thing?
We’re making higher quality items with Hyundai.

I’ll try to reduce the number of textures and the number of materials as much as possible.
3 materials and 3 textures are too few for our intended expression.
I’ll make it with the fewest possible numbers, so can’t you increase it a little bit more??

Thank you for yor feedback!

Hey! It’s possible to use more than 3 materials, but it’s not the case with textures - 3 is the available maximum.


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We’ve done all the edits.
The right to use the logo has been sent by e-mail.
Could Hyundai’s logo use rights have been confirmed?

Thank you!

Hey! The models are good to go, waiting confirmation from the legal. Will post here once I have it.


Hi AndreusAs
Thanks for the feedback and follow!
The right to use the logo was sent by e-mail.
So, is there any problem with the modeling texture?

Thank you!


I’m still waiting for confirmation from the legal. They usually let us curators know if the info sent is appropriate and collection is good to go. Once I have such a resolution, I’ll post here.

The models are good to go, no problems.


Hi AndreusAs
Thanks for the feedback.
I contacted the legal team but they don’t answer
We have a fixed airdrop schedule.
If I remove the Hyundai Motors logo and upload the model, is there no need for legal approval?
Please let me know how it is okay to not have legal approval.
We are talking about this with Hyundai Motor Company.

thank you!


It will surely be ok if you remove the logo, but let me ask legal first, maybe they will be able to review this ASAP. Will post here once I have a resolution on this.


Hey! I’ve been told, some additional evidences of IP ownership have been requested.


thank you
I got a reply from the legal team.
I decided to provide additional IP proof.
Thanks for your help!

Hi AndreusAs
Thanks to you, I contacted the legal team and confirmed the approval.
The legal team told me to contact the curation committee for item approval.
Please approve the item!
Thanks a lot for your help!


Hey! Collection approved!

Hi AndreusAs!
Thanks a lot for your help!
I have one question.
There were no issues with the ankles when we were judging the items.
But when I wear shoes today, my ankles are strange.
What is this problem?


This may be due to slight differences between male and female base avatar models. Skates look fine on male avatars.

You can update siurce files of the skates for female representations and tag me here for re-approval.


HI AndreusAs
We uploaded male and female models.
But why is there only a problem with female avatars?

And NFT wearables became airdrops.
If I upload the file again and it is approved
Will the already delivered NFT be changed?
Or will it be the new NFT?

Thank you


The problem with the female avatar is due to the different ankles of male and female avatars. I guess you used male avatar as the source file for modelling those skates, that’s why the look perfect on male avatars and have small issues on female avatars.

Nope, if you change an item in an already published collection, it won’t be a new NFT. It will be an old NFT, with updated source files.

I’ll check the collection ASAP, in an hour or so, just make sure you pushed the changes.


Hey, looks like the collection hasn’t been updated yet, by the way.

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