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Invisibility Ring

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**Invisibility Ring **


Hi all!
As promise here the second magic wearable that gives you the full invisibility superpower when used together with the invisibility hat!

here the link:



BRILLAINT work @iacob_visual_90 very cool

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@iacob_visual_90 CRAZY combo maaaan! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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@Lauretta as agreed, we made the ring.
We await your review! thanks

So you have to collect both to be totally invisible or just use one of them for half invisible? That’s really cool :sunglasses::clap:t3:

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@Lauretta a “ring” that’s going to be labeled UB that hides everything is allowed? I was told that it was misleading to just hide all other parts when I tried this for the Cupid plane.


We need rules that apply to everyone. Though I love this idea its not fair to allow this set when so many other things which are similar have been rejected.

Can we establish rules that apply to everyone? Do I need to make a DAO proposal? I’ve also noticed there is no line or order that is taking place. First in first out should be the rule here. No favorites and no skipping entries. We all pay the same fee that you as a curator gets 50% of. Make it fair and make it worth it please.


Hi @DCLDating @Frank
Initially we thought of a magic object that could make you invisible. This was not allowed.
The project was split into two parts after the review.
The hat allows the part of the head to be hidden, while the ring hides the rest of the body.
Many wearables are designed in this way.


I’ve followed the journey here and I’m aware of the process it took to get here. My little rant was not specific to this post or entry, and I’m sorry if if felt like I was singling you out.

I’ve just noticed a lot of inconsistencies here and I really think there is room for improvement. I do really like your items and I am happy for you that your plan has been approved, but there needs to be standards set in stone to make things fair. The line skipping is my biggest complaint. Each submission should be processed in the order they come in, not at the individual curators discretion.


No problem man!
I understand you, and I’m 100% agreed to respect an order of review.
However, I think it is a whole new world and it will definitely take time to perfect things.
Let’s hear what they have to say! This is the goal of the forum

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@Frank agreed. Been waiting over 2 weeks for approval now. We all pay our 100 MANA, first in first processed. I have heard there is a system coming for approvals, not sure when. I understand they are busy, but that shouldn’t be a reason why wearables are approved at random surely.

@iacob_visual_90 this has nothing to do with you or your wearable by the way. The invisible thing is genius!!!

please keep this threads for the discussion about the wearable

@DCLDating I was not aware of the issue with the plane I will be reading the thread to see what issues raised, at the moment the invisible was talked with other curators, and the main was solved (which was the hode the whole avatar instead of of just one part)

@Frank and @Faz thanks a lot for you patience curators are trying to reach as many curations as possible due to the increase in the number of wearables, we are workin in this as we are speaking. @Faz if you want to send me the name of your collection I will review it as fast as I can

@iacob_visual_90 finally I will review this wearable as soon as I can


@Lauretta awesome! I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding but I would say that if this gets approved it would be fair to let all the other creators that were rejected resubmit thier designs. I had to submit 2 additional designs to avoid hiding the (UB,LB,feet) with 1 category. Maybe I didnt understand the rules so I cant wait to see the final verdict.


Very cool combination! Curious to see how those who get it will use invisibility in DCL.

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Thank you @biobrown98

really brilliant! I really like this idea, I can’t wait to NOT see the ring on the marketplace!

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I’m sorry @4Bit but you won’t see anything…

LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: they will go crazy! :fire:

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waiting for review here… :pray: