Collection 'IG ICED TUX' created by 0xb5f4...31f51 is ready for review!

Just having an issue loading your item, I’ll try again in a little bit!

@michi – “ICE” and “ICED” will need to be removed from the title and description before this is approved.

–DecentralGames, creators of ICE Poker.

@Reyean ice is another word for diamonds or jewelry, why would someone not be able to use the word ice or iced?

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@DCLDating - Object to “ICE Gang Poker Club,” so appreciate that “ICED Tux” would be OK without the attempt to associate with ICE Poker.

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Hey @Reyean , totally get that!
If you can shoot an email to to confirm the words “ICE” and “ICED” have been trademarked or limited rights etc. then I’ll ensure these words aren’t used in future on any wearables!
That’s not a committee discussion but legal will advise us (as with IP, logos etc)

Let me know how it goes!

This is already resolved w/ Shibu. :handshake:

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Why is this still under review?