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ICE Viking

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Mjolnir (ICE Level 1)

Mjolnir (ICE Level 2)

Mjolnir (ICE Level 3)

Mjolnir (ICE Level 4)

Mjolnir (ICE Level 5)

Berserker Helmet (ICE Level 1)

Berserker Helmet (ICE Level 2)

Berserker Helmet (ICE Level 3)

Berserker Helmet (ICE Level 4)

Berserker Helmet (ICE Level 5)

Fenris Quilt (ICE Level 1)

Fenris Quilt (ICE Level 2)

Fenris Quilt (ICE Level 3)

Fenris Quilt (ICE Level 4)

Fenris Quilt (ICE Level 5)

Rune Garments (ICE Level 1)

Rune Garments (ICE Level 2)

Rune Garments (ICE Level 3)

Rune Garments (ICE Level 4)

Rune Garments (ICE Level 5)

Raven Boots (ICE Level 1)

Raven Boots (ICE Level 2)

Raven Boots (ICE Level 3)

Raven Boots (ICE Level 4)

Raven Boots (ICE Level 5)

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hi! checking collection now!

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all listed issues happen for both M and F, thank you!!! :+1:

@theankou updated, tyser

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Hi! helmet missing hiding categories :slight_smile:

@theankou fixed lol :slight_smile:

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add this categories to hiding list thanks!!

@theankou I dont hide stuff, i let the users choose what they want to wear. can you please approve if no fixes are needed

add listed categories to hiding list, please. thanks.

  • tiara
  • hat
  • eyewear
  • mask
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@theankou I havent had to do this to any of my other collections. Please approve

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@theankou please also check with Shibu about this matter as it has not been a problem before. would make no sense to start doing this now

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I understand your decision, but that way in-game there will be people who will abuse overlapping issues, etc, etc, so, as curator i should ask for things like adding categories to hiding list, because as curator i should check and make sure that most of issues / overlaps / strange things will be avoided before approval :sweat_smile: and thats is how its supposed to be, nobody would like to see in decentraland things like helmet that 99% overlaps with hairs, or helmet that worn with cap lol

I hope you understand this basic principles :+1: Shibu approved collection, thank you for your time! :purple_heart:

@theankou please reapprove. missed a female rep.

agree to disagree. I think users like having the freedom to look how they want in the metaverse but hey that is just me. pretty funny tho LOL

collection re-approved!