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ICE Poker Emotes IV

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Jordan Breakdance

Guitar Solo

Ballet Spin


Risky Business

Milly Rock

Smack That



Can’t Touch This



Take Off

Snow Angel

Hi! I will check this collection!

Hey @Saus collection is missing in curation tab, can you push a small change please? thank you

The collection has been assigned to theankou

@theankou just did. ok?

Hey @Saus, yes is ok, when you see “collection assigned” that means that it appeared in curation tab and i succesfully assigned it to me for review :slight_smile:

however, this emotes don’t follow red cylinder area limitation and have some issues:

@theankou I think I got all the updates in

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can’t touch this: seems old

guitar solo:

risky business:

take off:

animations should be strictly inside red cylinder, you can check cylinder limitation by clicking on cylinder icon in right bottom corner (it’s under play timeline)

@theankou ok i think we are good to go here

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collection approved!