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ICE Poker Emotes I

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Finger Guns

Gangster Gun

Pharaoh Moves

Silent But Deadly

Italian Hand

Hand Phone

Dirt Off Your Shoulders

Hot Booty

Booty Smack

Making Some Sauce

Tip of the Cap

Stand Off


It Wasn’t me!

**Shushing **

Quick Feet

Typing II

Founding Father Signature

Slow Clap

Warrior Yoga

British Tea Drinking


Tai Chi II

Warm Up

Sexy Sax Man

Rolling Up

Boxing Bag

King Dance

Pop Star

Kung Fu Dance

Head Spin

White Man Dance

Step Back 3

Typing I


Party Hips


Karate Windmill

Trade Deal

70s Dance

Come at Me!

Aye, How You Doin’?


Dodging Bullets


The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Some stretching with the Hot Booty emote and same for Booty Smack emote.
Also some clipping wiht the Bartender and Pop Star emote.


Wait wait a second…
can somebody explain to me - what that mean ?
If I already working on emotes which is similar to one of these “collection”… but make it better quality… does it mean my emotes will get green light as well? for publishing.
Or it will be blocked because my emotes more or less similar to one of these “emotes” ?

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As long as the movements aren’t exactly frame-for-frame the same, it should be no problem to have the same emote idea but executed differently.


yepp that approach is great . (but DCL team dosnt clarify on it yet)
I am just scary by amount of emotes released by this team. And many of their emotes is pretty obvious and I want to do my own versions of these pretty simple movements… which can be 80% similar… but ofc they will be produced by my own way without using their animations as any kind of “source”.

thanks for the kind words, your emotes look great too!


The collection has been assigned to Mika#1194