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ICE Pharaoh

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Was-sceptre (ICE Level 1)

Was-sceptre (ICE Level 5)

Was-sceptre (ICE Level 4)

Was-sceptre (ICE Level 3)

Thebets (ICE Level 3)

Khepresh (ICE Level 5)

Thebets (ICE Level 5)

Thebets (ICE Level 4)

Khepresh (ICE Level 4)

Khepresh (ICE Level 3)

Usekh (ICE Level 1)

Khepresh (ICE Level 1)

Thebets (ICE Level 1)

Usekh (ICE Level 5)

Thebets (ICE Level 2)

Usekh (ICE Level 2)

Usekh (ICE Level 3)

Usekh (ICE Level 4)

Khepresh (ICE Level 2)

Schenti (ICE Level 1)

Schenti (ICE Level 3)

Schenti (ICE Level 2)

Schenti (ICE Level 4)

Schenti (ICE Level 5)

Was-sceptre (ICE Level 2)


Hi! will check collection soon! :+1:

  • feet border vertcies should be weight painted to 1 on leg bone

  • body bottom border vertices should be weight painted to 1 on hip bone

thank you!

@theankou updated the files

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Issue with female upper_body still here, bottom border vertices should be weight peinted to 1 on hip bone as on screenshots provided below :eyes:

  1. current version
  2. how it’s supposed to be

all other things seems fine, issue with feets is gone :+1:

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@theankou updated again ser

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I noted few more issues, i checked your collection many times and this is all things that left to be fixed, nothing else… sorry :pensive: :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Another set??? Hopefully this will shake things up a bit!

@theankou updated ser

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thank you for hard work!

@theankou updated, hope it is good :pray:

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only level 5 helmet seems to be updated, level 1-4 seems to be old, also level 5 helmet missing female representation… can you re-upload please?

level 5 helmet seems perfect in-game, just waiting for others to be updated and female representation to be added for level 5

@theankou updated. have a good weekend

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thank you.! male helmets good now, all female helmets for some reason are old…

@theankou updated, should be good

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collection approved!