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HSN is Learning

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HSN is Trying

  • Description: HSN the meta-fashioner’s timeless shirt.
  • Rarity: common
  • Category: upper_body

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The collection has been assigned to AndreusAs#3991


Looks like only male represebtations was uploaded. Consider adding a female representation or making the wearable male-only:


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Hey AndreusAs,

Thanks for your feedback. I just make it male-only. Waiting for your approval. I created this item for learning.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, collection has been approved!

This is identical to a default wearable, as pointed out by my friend Zesty @AndreusAs.

This is the funniest shit i have ever seen

are you even one of decentraland’s daily active users?

Hey everyone!

My bad, didn’t even consider the possibility of a standard wearable being uploaded without any modifications whatsoever, won’t be the case again. Collection has been disabled. @ilker upload an original design for the collection to be re-enabled.

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@AndreusAs sir,

I talked with a 3D guy and we will make a small modification on this shirt then we will upload it. My plan is not selling this item on marketplace. As I told you, I am learning the process how to upload a wearable on decentraland and how to distrube via airdrop SDK. After that I will upload our actual wearable with new collection.

I will upload an original design in 48 hours.

Have nice week.

Hey, small modifications won’t do, it has to be a completely original item.


Hello sir,

I just uploaded a new one that completely original as you said.

Hey! Could you acknowledge you have permission to use the Tecno logo font on the wearable? If so, send confirmation and proofs to


Also, there seem to be clipping problems:


And also there seem to be inconsistency between skin color of the arms and avatar color:

hello again sir,

First of all, we have permission to use the Tecno logo. However, we will not use this permission for current wearables because we are releasing this item for trial.

But it’s been great to know that such permission is required when releasing our actual product. Thank you. Can you share a link to a more detailed document on the subject?

I had a professional designer make a new item and uploaded it to the system. I hope we succeeded this time.

Hey, collection has been enabled.