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Hover Board - DarkMage by 1620

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Hover Board - DarkMage

Will review this now!

Please reduce the size a bit, limit textures to 2 and add a top head since this is in top head category. Will have to display the top head on at least 50% of thumbnail

Thank you!!

gonna get on it!!

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hi @Yannakis

Hope you are well!

I scaled down the board by 20% and I changed the category to earring. The earring is a miniature version of the board.

Thank you

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Looks good! Just gotta display the earring on at least 50% of thumbnail

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Hey good day!

I finally figured it out :slight_smile:

how does this look?

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Hey good day!!

Just thought id pop in aand see if there was anything else I needed to amend before publish?

Thank you

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Hey, make sure to tag me when you respond. Will check soon!

Looks good! Collection approved!

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Cool dude thanks a bunch!!! thats awesome! :slight_smile:

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hey…ummm sorry dude…

OMG I just checked and I submitted a model that has a little weight paint issue…I noticed when I viewed on the market…

I have just uploaded the right version… should all be fine now…

my bad!

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Builder is down right now, will approve the moment its back up!

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

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