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Homeless begging flip

Homeless Scar

hey i will check this now

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Hi, thank you, this was quick :slight_smile:

I am sorry I didn’t wanted fancy thing too bring in, but as a real world in metaverse I saw something is missing, that is part of world. And that is a real homeless man. Hope you treat him good since he have a big hearth, all his money is lost… when he longed BTC at 68000 with 125x…

This collection has been approved

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Thank you :slight_smile: wish you all the best

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@Sango I cannot ware it? Since I don’t see it in my collectibles.

you will need to go to the builder ( then click on collecitons, click on this collection then you have the option to mint them at the top of that screen. once you have minted one to your address you will be able to wear it in-world

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Hi could you add these items to the hide list;

  • eyewear
  • tiara
  • Mask

and you can either set the head weighting fully to the head bone to make the earrings stay in place or add them to the hide list too

Done :slight_smile: Put all too the Hide list

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Hi, can you please check the problem


all looks okay to me. the green icon means synced.

could you check its all working find in the mainnet?

Sorry where is that mainnet so I can check ? I see green icon too thats why I didnt understand why is that message there