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Hogan x Exclusible FW Collection

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Hogan x Exclusible MVFW Hoody

Hogan x Exclusible MVFW T-Shirt

Hogan x Exclusible MVFW Shades

Hogan x Exclusible MVFW Wing Cap

Just to be sure, this is the version of the glasses. The version first submitted didn’t have the logo :slight_smile:

Will check these soon!

Hey, looks like there are some flipped normals on the male versions.


We’ll get these looked at and fixed asap

@Yannakis this has now been updated ready for you to check.

Blue hoodie is invisible for male avatar.

Hi @Yannakis are you sure yours had loaded correctly. I double checked it and there is definitely a valid male representation in the builder.

@Yannakis We checked in blender and there doesn’t look to be anything visibly wrong and as you can see, it imports into the builder.
That said, we opened and resaved in Blender.

Looks like its not rigged.

Hmm not sure how that happened @Yannakis will investigate

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Here is with the rig! @Yannakis

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Awesome will check now!

Collection approved!

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