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Hippie Pandas NFT

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Hippie Pandas Hoodie

Hippie Pandas Mask


Really nice mask, and those psychedelic colors on hoodie. SUPER! :smiley:

I’m super excited about this collection! I’m a holder of these NFTs , so I’m curious when they will hit the marketplace on Decentraland?

Hey @CryptoBri#8fec! How are you?

Please fix these point in order to approve:

  1. Female representation of the hoodie is clipping with the hips.

Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 00.11.25
Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 00.11.28

  1. Instead of mask change the category to helmet and add in OVERRIDES:

Replaces: mask, tiara, hat
Hide: eyewear, head, facial hair, hair, earrings

  1. This is a suggestion, change the shading to smooth faces to avoid the hard surface and add a neck to the panda head so it’s better attached to the avatar’s neck and not just floating.

Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 00.13.24


If We fix these issues, do we have to pay the application fee again?

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Nope, you can edit representation for published one on the builder