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Hippie - Katmandu Trading

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Hello checking this now

Hello! :slight_smile:
Looking good!

  • Can you try reducing texture count to 5?
  • Add back geometry to the necklace pendant (see image)
  • Add hides > eyewear, helmet, tiara, earring, mask
  • Hint: if you assign “skin_MAT” and “hair_MAT” to character skin and hair, users will have the ability to change skin and hair color.
    As it is right now nothing is tintable, do you want to keep it as it is?

Hey, thank you so much for looking into this, and copy that on the aforementioned. Let me sort these issues out and resend the files for submission.

To answer your question with regard to tinting, Not really. I will make the suggested changes, so that users are able to change the color of their hair and skin.

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello. So I have made the necessary changes, and I am trying to upload both Male and Female versions, while both the files are less than 1.5 mb together, decentraland builder says that I cannot add both representations because the limit of 2 mb is being exceeded. Can you please help me with this?

Hello @TeeKay_Arthyna !

  • Are you using a custom thumbnail?
  • are you using textures bigger than 512x512 ?
    Try to reduce texture size and possibly compress textures and thumbnails with:

Hey Fabeeo,

  1. I don’t think we are using a custom thumbnail, should we use one?
  2. I tried compressing the textures when both the files were above 2 mb. Currently each file is 700 something mb. Not sure what’s going wrong. Let me look into the dimensions real quick and keep you posted.

I just confirmed. All the textures are 512 x 512. Also I have added a custom thumbnail that’s around 62 kb, but still it says the file is too big.

I asked about custom thubmnail because it will increase the file size.
If you are ok with the autogenerated one, use that.
I’m sending you a DM check it @TeeKay_Arthyna

I am so sorry for this, but while looking at the wearable in the marketplace. It was showing the Female representation as thumbnail and then after i click on it the Male version was popping up. So I just changed the thumbnail picture, and looks like it needs to go through approval again.

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That’s fine!

  • You need to create a thumbnail 1024x1024 with transparent background showing the wearables only
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Copy that. Also I have a little doubt, like I was wondering if I were to solve the issue related to tinting the skin and hair, can I send the updated files your way and you can help me re upload the wearable with those files? I can totally understand if we cannot make changes to items minted already, just wanted to check on this once.

Hello @TeeKay_Arthyna ! :slight_smile:
Yes you can upload your new glb files the same way you uploaded last versions.
Let me know once it’s ready for review and or if you need more help!

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Hello hello. :slight_smile:

Finally the files are done and uploaded. I will be updating the thumbnail later on. Will keep you posted on that. Please take a look once and let me know if there are any more issues.

Also I was just curious, can I change the rarity of this wearable, now or sometime in the future? Or once I mint it as Common, mythic or whatever, it stays as is?

Hello @TeeKay_Arthyna ! :slight_smile:
Wearable is working good!
Nope, you can’t change rarity after publication.
Let @ me know when you update thumbnail and are ready for approval

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Copy that. Looks like it’ll take me some more time to update the thumbnail. So let’s do it like this, let’s publish this wearable now under pride23, because the actual physical store ( sells a lot of these clothes to the LGBTQ+ community, and we have nice photos and videos to work with. I will work on rigging the models to get a thumbnail done and send it for review after the event is over?

Allright! Collection is appoved, let me know when you update it :slight_smile:

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Hey @fabeeobreen, how are you? I have a couple of changes that I wanted to submit for the hippie. Can you please take a look and let me know if the uploaded versions are good to go in DCL?

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Hello @TeeKay_Arthyna ! :slight_smile:
All good but a small hole around male ankles: close the pants geo at ankles to avoid any see through (see image)