Collection 'High Roller Gear' created by ArnjJoe is ready for review!

Hello there sers. I do not think the artist should have to sacrifice his initial investment when trying to cater to those in DCL. I feel like a lot of talk has been around watches/other accessories, yet there has not been additions made - granted I know all must be busy. With that being said, I think at the very least it should be temporarily allowed to pass until the time comes when an accessory spot is added.


Great job on this collection! Definitely like the idea of starting a Watch Collection, so attaching it to a hoodie is a terrible idea in my opinion. +1 for more Accessory Slots!

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For anyone still wondering why I chose top head, it is the only current slot that does not replace anything but itself. Item is not currently an option.

I think like most people here have expressed, having the ability to be able to equip this wearable independent from other items is the whole point of the watch in the first place. As a general point, not being constrained and forced to get creative in order to make a wearable fit for purpose is key! I’m all for a ‘wild card’ slot. Good work ArnjJoe!!


This here is the key. I would also love to wear the watch as an accessory with any other wearable and not be forced to wear it with the hoodie. But I am also wondering why it cannot be a “top head” as the only other option would have been “item” and that option is not available in the editor. Theres should definitely be more available slots in the future as the builder grows and develops, but for now since the editor only has that one option of “top head” then I think all accessories that are now a hat or glasses ect, should all fall under top head.


EDIT: I misunderstood some of what you were saying

I agree, it could’ve just been called interchangeable accessory slot instead of top_head and it would be exactly the same as it currently is.

The name of the slot does not dictate its location in any way, its just a category or name. I do understand that it may be misleading on the store, but I feel like that’s a very minor point of contention.

I support having the watch as a standalone wearable. Like in real life, you combine it with different pieces of clothing, i don’t like the prospect of being forced to use it only with the hoodie.


I will love to be able to buy a watch as a separate item, also this will open a whole new market for Decentraland, keep opening new doors for investors, developers and buyers.

I was shopping 2 days ago and seriously the market is very limited.

We have to open doors for new ideas and welcome innovation to keep attracting users to Decentraland.

If you go shopping you have the ability to buy a watch by itself, Buying in Decentraland should provide the same real world experience.

A bundle sounds very cheap for me also very limited because we won’t be able to use the watch with other clothes combos.

In Decentraland as a decentralised market place shouldn’t be any limitations because the concept is to do anything possible, anything that comes to your imagination, really the market should not be regulated at all in my opinion.

Hope we can have this watches availables soon.


This should not be a topic of debate whatsoever. Being part of a decentralized community, there should be absolutely no reason for content creators to be facing limitations and regulations as Dman stated above. It’s also quite obvious that the community wants it to be an individual item opposed to being attached. I for sure wouldn’t buy it. I recommend a community vote in case its not obvious enough what the community actually wants. Until this is passed, I won’t be around the market anytime soon.

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It would be nice to have the ability for a watch or accessories to be a stand alone item as this would give diversity across DCL in terms of ppl being able to Mix and Match looks to give them the ability to make it more personal.

Hey everyone! All the insights here are helpful. Currently there is not a category such as hand accessories or something similar. It can be added in the future for sure but it will take some time in the development side.

Also doing a proposal through the DAO to add another category seems a good idea. What i personally believe is that is important to not be misleading regarding categories because it will be carry some issues in the UI, people confused about what they are buying, etc. In that sense i don’t think is “very minor point of contention”.

If there is another category to be added because the community wants it, great. Let’s do it, but let’s do it right. In the meantime (time that will take to ship that development) there are lots of other cool categories to make wearables.


Added socks, removed skin texture and replaced with glow on watch face and loafer lining.
Final answer, ready for review. Builder says 4 materials 4 textures, however there are 2 materials all using the same (1) texture file, and both materials are used on both meshes.

@vrglitch @Shibu


A couple more details.

Have you tested your wearables in world? are you ok with the light intensity?

Regarding the thumbnail image, please try to reduce the size of the clock and get closer to the way shoes are displayed.

You are almost there!!

Thank you

@vrglitch I do not have that option?

I’ve reduced the glow on the hat by what I believe to be approximately 30%. I’ve looked everywhere in the editor and I can’t find the button you’re pointing to. The shoe glow looks appropriate, and the watch glow should match the shoes.
I’ve also changed the tophat glow to be white, to unify the set. I’ve updated the thumbnail for the shoes and the hat.
@vrglitch @Shibu

try it here

OKAY! The glows are right now! Thank you!!

So are we getting the watch? As a separate item? or are we only approving the hat and hoodie?

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The watch will be packaged with the shoes now. Honestly, it’s a change I’m happy with. It forced me consolidate some textures and in the process made room for the glow on the watch/shoes.


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