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Hhnms T

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Wings 023 L 02 23

I will check collection now

Hi! Limit for top_head category is 500 triangles, 2 materials, 2 textures

also, make sure to assign all weights to spine2 bone instead of head, to avoid issues with overlapping of wings with body on different animations

Thank you for your advice.

It’s my first time to make wearable in decentraland so I’m not skilled as well as you.

Could you tell me that should I submit one more time after I change the asset like you told me?

Thank you!

You don’t need to submit new collection, you can edit your current collection and push changes :slight_smile: no need to pay any fees

You are an angel!
I am going to change the asset as quick as I can!
Thank you so much!

I fixed it up and changed the asset like you said. :slight_smile:
please check, when you have time!

Thank you.

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collection approved!

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

The collection has been assigned to theankou