Collection 'HEXROID Pilot Jacket' created by MiyuNakashima#1ef2 is ready for review!

HEXROID Pilot Jacket

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HEXROID Pilot Jacket


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Hey, will review now

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Consider fixing these holes. True for both representations:

Otherwise it’s good to go.

Thank you for checking so fast.
Actually there is no hole at there, its not a model issue, its because of Decentraland doesnt render back faces for now. probably they will fix it on later updates. So, if its ok you can approve it. its ok for me.

they will not fix it because it was intended to render polygons only from one side, actually there is also an announcement about that here:

so, it’s better to close holes or add thickness, we always ask publishers to do that :slight_smile:

adding thickness will double the poly count. as a designer I am ok with this design :hugs:

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@AndreusAs @theankou Just updated the model. Could you check again :slight_smile:

Hey, collection approved!