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Helmet Haze

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Alien Arcade


My first NFT. I hope you all like it and it meets the standard!
I look forward to hearing some feedback!

Triangle count: 1350
Materials: 1
Textures: 2 [512x512]

I love it, let me have a look at it @Zach11

I believe this one works perfeclty love the detail on the headexplode emote

will approve as soon as possible

Thank you so much! This is great news😊

the is genius creativity. love the alien!

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Hi, quick question. When I click my item for sale, the 3d view isn’t rendering my material and showing my vertex painting. is there a reason for this and can it be fixed?

oh yeah, I believe that if you export the model in blender you have to unselect the export with vertex color options, let me know if that works for you, once you’ve done that upload the new model and push the changes

I just pushed the changes! Thank you! @Lauretta

Is there a timeframe I can expect the changes to be accepted?
Thanks for your time!

@Zach11 thanks for your patience I will approve it today