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Helmet Collection #1

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LED Punk Helmet #01

  • Description: Harder-Better-Faster-Stronger. Get Ready to Rock the Metaverse!
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: helmet

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This looks fantastic! I’m excited to see it in game!

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Wow it’s awesome! Great job :slight_smile:

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It’s very cool I like it. :+1:

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Thank you very much!! More coming soon!

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Thank you so much!!!

Thank you, I’ m glad you liked it!

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It had to be done - thank you for making it happened and for very good result

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I really appreciate that!!

I really appreciate that!! Thank you!

Looking forward to seeing it in the world!


Wow you rock!!! :sunglasses: Looking forward!!

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Hey, the helmet is super cool but probably is going to have IP issues with Alterian Inc., the creators of the Daft Punk helmet. Please provide consent from the brand or re-design the helmet. (Daft Punk (Assorted) - ALTERIAN INC.)


definitely. It is very known helmet everywhere

Hi there, thank you for finding my work interesting.

Truly the helmet is inspired by the DaftPunk band. I believe that I have differentiated this design a lot, by adding many extra texture elements on the front, side and back areas thus exempting the helmet from copyright infringement issues.

Moreover, the color scheme and patterns are original and have never been depicted in the exact same fashion. Also, the real helmet is made out of a chrome-based material, whereas mine is rendered on a “cartoonish” weathered white texture. Apart from that, the word “PUNK” is written in a unique font style. I believe that attempting to seek consent from Alterian Inc. is unnecessary.

Having said that, if you still think that this helmet has IP issues, I remain open to design suggestions to further differentiate this design from the familiar chrome DPunk helmet.

Looking forward to your reply.

May have IP issues but the model and textures are very well done. Congrats!

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@BonitoFlakes Thank you for ur support! :muscle: :ok_hand: :100:

Hi @Shibu, I replaced the helmet with a new design of mine and I await your approval.



wow second version goes even crazier!!! Great model


Both helmet models are superb! Love Daft Punk ~ RIP

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