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Hawaiian Shirts

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Hawaiian Shirt Bird of Paradise

Hawaiian Shirt Blue White Basic

Hawaiian Shirt Blue Surfboards

The collection has been assigned to Grimey

Heya! Nice one, just 2 things to fix.

  • On all 3 shirts there’s a bit of skin on the upper chest that doesnt follow the skin shader like it should. See screenshot.

  • Currently missing female representation for all 3. Please add if possible, so people aren’t surprised after buying these that they dont work with the female avatar.


Thank you for the feedback, Grimey! I’ve just made the corrections, and made new female versions of the three shirts. How do I re-submit these new and corrected files? I tried to upload the new female files on the Builder editor, but I kept getting an error message saying the files were over 2Mb, even though each GLB file is only about 700-800 Kb.

@pastorrandyyoung It probably has to do with the thumbnail size, kinda a pain in the butt. Maybe try and make it 512 instead of 1024

That’s what I thought too, but my thumbnails are only 30K. It turns out there were a couple of triangles in the mesh that weren’t weighted, so after I fixed it, I was able to upload all the files successfully.

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Greetings, Grimey. I have successfully uploaded the six new GLB files in the Hawaiian Shirt collection in my builder/wearables account. These files correct the skin bit shading problem, and add female representations for each shirt design. Thank you for reviewing my re-submission.

Heya! Thanks for the update. They’re almost ready, there’s just an issue I noticed with the collars. See below for info

  • On the male variations there’s some single sided faces. Unfortunately the engine only renders 1 side of a plane, so you’ll need to add some more geo so its double sided.


  • On the female variations the collar looks good at the front, but has some disconnected faces at the back.



Hello Grimey! I’ve finally added geo to avoid single planes in the collars for both female and male representations of each of the three shirt designs. The six glb files have been uploaded for your review. For some reason, however, I cannot upload new thumbnails.

Heya! The new glbs look good. Just need to fix the thumbnail for the blue surfboards shirt -


Let me know when thats fixed and I can approve. Cheers!

Thank you for all your help, Grimey. I’ve now uploaded new thumbnails, but I’ve also had to upload new GLB’s for two of the shirts that results in a slightly smaller file size. It was the only way to stay under the 2Mb limit. To reduce the GLB size, I reduced the file size of the embedded texture files. So all six files should be ready now for your final (hopefully) review and approval.

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Heya, these now look good! Just missing the male representation on the blue surfboards shirt now.

Let me know when thats fix and I can approve! Cheers

Sorry, the missing file has now been uploaded. Thanks.


If everything looks OK, and you’ve approved, please let me know. Thanks again.

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These are now approved! Cheers!

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Thank you very much for all your help, review, feedback, and expertise!

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