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Hahhhsis -「 Necrobot 」

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Hi, gonna reviw this now.

  1. Consider adding a male representation or making the item female only.
  2. Seems like not all polygons on the mask are double-sided in-game.

  3. There seem to be some clipping issues on upper legs:

  4. There seem to be a severe rigging issue in the part, marked on the sreen below.


Dear AndreusAs,
I have finished the revision. Please review it as soon as possible. Thank you

  1. it’s male-only now. Isn’t it supposed to be female-only?
  2. Still no double-sided shader used.
  3. Rigging of the skirt lacks smooth weight transition, there also are some issues in the areas, marked on the screenshot below (a little bit strange deformations, clipping problems). Consider finetuning.