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Guardian Guanlet

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**Guardian Gauntlet **

Will check this wearable now!

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey! Please remove skin and facial hair from the hides since it doesn’t clip with these categories and reduce the tris closer to the 500 tris limit

Hello @Yannakis, it is difficult to reduce the triangles significantly as there are 1.5k triangles for this wearable. Can we hide 2 other parts instead?

Hello @Yannakis we have adjusted to glb to around 800 triangles and remove the hides. Please review again, thanks

Just some clipping issues that have to be fixed and will be good to be approved!

Hi @Yannakis the glb has been updated. Please review again, thanks!

Hey @Soulmagic still the same issue :confused:

Hi @Yannakis the glb is updated, please review again. Thanks

Id suggest bringing the faces closer to the hand and adding some loops. Might have to make only one instead of 2 to fit under the tris limit. You could also add a simple mask and use the eyewear+mask tris

Hi @Yannakis we have changed it to 1 guantlet instead of 2. Please see if the model is ok

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Hello @Yannakis any update about this? Thanks

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Looks good. Just need to weightpaint some of the lightnings to follow the arm and make them double sided

Updated the model, please kindly check again. Thanks @Yannakis

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Collection approved!

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