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Green Dragon

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Green Dragon Feet

Green Dragon Lower Body

Green Dragon Upper Body

Green Dragon Head


Hi Team! I wanted to follow up on this and see if there was any feedback.

Wow! Really amazing design and great UV’s. :open_mouth:
Will look sick once it’s approved

oh my! sick wearables! approved!!!

@Shibu I need to upload new models for this green dragon to fix the wings due to changes to the platform that were implemented recently after I submitted the wearables. How can models be updated after they are approved and minted?

@Shibu Just a friendly nudge here to find out how to submit changes to the models that have already been approved.

Hey Doug! How are you?

I disable the collection, can you try to upload the new models with the fixes?


@Shibu I dont see any option to add the female representation image

Hi @Shibu , the wings are fixed and I was able to update the female representations as well. Can you re-approve this collection please?

Amazing avatar!
is it allowed to have the wings larger that the body?

@Shibu Can you re-approve this one please?

@Doug-NFTWorld collection re-approved!

Daaaaamn this collection is EXCELLENT. Fantastic work, @Doug-NFTWorld !!