Collection 'Greatest of All Time (GOAT)' created by ExtraVersion is ready for review!

Okay. It’s officially done! @Yannakis, you are incredibly efficient!

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Hey @Yannakis, could you please review my latest update from yesterday? I just tweaked 2 thumbnails a little bit :slight_smile: Thanks a lot again! :hugs:

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Changes approved! Sorry for the delay!

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Hi @Yannakis, I’ve updated thumbnails one more time :innocent:, could you please push it further when you have a moment :blush:? Thank you!!

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Hi @Yannakis, any time from now :slight_smile: :hourglass_flowing_sand:

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Changes approved! @ExtraVersionDCL

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Thanks a heap, @Yannakis! Have a great sunday :slight_smile:

Hey, these wearables look great! However I am curious what is permitted when it comes to similarities in wearable meshes. Attached are two photos, the first is the file submitted in these collection, the second is Deezys which are a L1 DG wearable.

You can see that they did attempt to make some adjustments to the sole, tongue and heel of the shoes, however the laces and exterior of the shoes are very similar.

cc @Yannakis

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Thanks for reporting @Saus ! @ExtraVersionDCL please replace these with an original model.

Hi guys, I am not sure that I understand what you’re implying here, what level of “similarities” is permitted and what level is not permitted. I can find hundreds of “similar” wearables (in my personal opinion) on the markeplace. Can you please point out on a written requirements on this subject before requesting me to do anything with my approved and published wearable?

Hey @Saus, I am very flattered to the attention! Much love :hugs:

It looks like the mesh of the DG wearables was downloaded and small changes were made. When uploading a collection you sign that every wearable in it is original. Please change it and let me know.

Hey @ExtraVersionDCL please adjust your mesh or I will have to ask @Shibu to disable this collection

Hey @Saus - thanks for the follow up! This indeed slipped through the cracks :crazy_face:

@Yannakis, I’ve uploaded the new version, hope this clears things up :slightly_smiling_face:, please take a look and approve when you have a moment. Thank you!

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey @ExtraVersionDCL . These are still almost identical to the DG shoes with 2-3 changes. The wearables have to be created from scratch and not be a slightly modified version of an already published wearable. Collection will remain disabled untill shoes are replaced.

@Yannakis, can you please provide links and pictures of those on the Marketplace please? Mines are made from scratch.

@ExtraVersionDCL That is simply not true lol

Greetings, @Saus and @Yannakis

First of all, - @Saus, the tone of the reply is not appreciated. I’d prefer to use professional, respectful and concrete terms when it comes to the point of personal work and creation.

Second, I’d insist on getting the detailed information and exact proof of evidence from @Yannakis, as his approval was required to get the collection live in the first place (which is a publicly offered paid fee service).

I looked through terms and conditions and I couldn’t find any strict requirements that clearly define the exact difference between objects or meshes. Nor could I find any boots that look exactly like mine.

I took note on your comments with respect, and I have recreated the mesh again from scratch to avoid any issues. Also IP is the whole creation and idea, not just mesh and similarity. There are plenty of tshirts, boots and caps almost identical to each other.

Without clear example and direct proof of evidence that are different from “seems like” and “simply not true lol”, I stand with presumption of innocence.

@Shibu , I’d like to hear your input on this as well please, as I feel that the curator’s judgement is not objective.

Hey @ExtraVersionDCL I posted a picture above from the current wearable which you can compare to the picture @Saus posted above. Its clear that its the same wearable with a couple moved vertices. Shape of shoe is exactly the same with only a change on the tongue and back top