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GossApe Girl Collection 3

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GG Head Blue Skin

GG Gold Visor

Diamond Handbag Banana Purse

GG Head Trippy Skin

GG Bubblegum

Will check these now!

Hey, please cover the gap on the glasses, enable the heads for male too and limit textures to 2 for the heads…

Hello Yanakis,

We uploaded the new files with revisions.

for the head, we made it only for Female.

Hello @Yannakis any update?

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Can you please make the same for the bottom?

Hello @Yannakis we updated the file already. thanks!

Collection approved!

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hello @Yannakis did a bit of change on description of one of the item, need your approval. thanks!

@Yannakis let me know if i need to add anything else for this to be approved

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ill approve both changes in a bit!

Approved the changes! @gossapegirl

hello! we made a bit changes on our heads, please review :slight_smile:

Hey, may I know what the changes made are?

Minor changes in the lines of the face, eyes, nose and mouth, to make the lines smoother

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Changes approved! @gossapegirl

hello @yanakis, sorry a bit change again on the blue head. please review, Thanks!

hello @yanakis, we are trying to revert the old file. please do check

No worries, just re-approved. Make sure to check spelling when tagging