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GossApe Girl Collection 2

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GG Green Visor

GG Ethereum Glasses

Diamond Handbag Black Purse

Will check these now

Looks great, can you scale up the earring on the thumbnail so it takes up at least 50% of it since its the main asset under earring category?

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does this one look ok to you? if yes we can quickly update it

If you could do a bit bigger so it’s same size as bag or include a head that wears the earrings so it doesn’t look weird that would be great

Hi Yannakis, we’ve already updated the thumbnail and made the earring very visible. Pls help with the approval, thank you very much!

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Hey sorry i just noticed that the textures on the purse are over the limit. Could you please reduce it to 2 materials/textures and limit the triangles as much as possible?

Hello, we have updated the file on builder, our 3d artist has shaved off every polygon he possibly can without starting to destroy our dragon, is this passable?

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Looks good, collection approved!

Thank you!

We are submitting one more collection right after this!

Really appreciate your super fast support!

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hello @Yannakis did a bit of change on description of one of the item, appreciate your approval!