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GORL Bottoms


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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

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Awesome Nikki! Can’t wait to see these out on the market!

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Looks super fun, love the sporty look!
Currently on female there seems to be a dark shadow around the base of the torso, is this intentional (like underwear or something) or just a UV issue?


Other than that looks perrrrr-fect. Let me know what you think and if anything needs to be updated~

Yeah, I was trying to make it shadow to create some depth. Does it look bad to you? :3

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Hmmm, I wouldnt say bad but maybe unintentional. I would recommend maybe dropping the opacity by 50% to be similar tone as the ‘dimples’. then it will look a bit more of a shadow~
Totally up to you!

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Just lightened it a bit. Lmk if that’s better! @michi

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