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GolfCraft - Mountain Collection

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GolfCraft - Dea Matrona Sandals

GolfCraft - Dea Matrona Lower

GolfCraft - Dea Matrona Upper

GolfCraft - Dea Matrona Crown

GolfCraft - Morrigan Sandals

GolfCraft - Morrigan Pants

GolfCraft - Morrigan Upper

GolfCraft - Morrigan Crown

GolfCraft - Epona Sandals

GolfCraft - Epona Pants

GolfCraft - Epona Upper

GolfCraft - Epona Helmet

GolfCraft - Taranis Sandals

GolfCraft - Taranis Lower

GolfCraft - Taranis Upper

GolfCraft - Taranis Crown

GolfCraft - Cernunnos Feet

GolfCraft - Cernunnos Pants

GolfCraft - Cernunnos Upper

GolfCraft - Cernunnos Helmet

Hello! will check this now!

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hello @Eibriel !
Wearables are good! just some minor corrections needed:

  • Check skin weight, for sandals and lower bodies avoid disconnections (see images)

  • Avoid holes: close connection points like arms/shoulders to avoid see through.
    (Morrigan, Dea Matrona)

  • For each helmet/hat add tiara wearable override


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Hi! We’ve fixed the models and added the requested overrides

Collection approved! @Eibriel

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