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Goldfish Crackers Backpack

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GF backpack 3

The collection has been assigned to theankou

hi! Do you have IP rights for goldfish brand? please send them to team

Hi theankou! Yes they are our clients and we are currently working with them. Will do!

Let me know if you have any recommendations for the wearable in the meantime, thanks!

Just sent the email to Legal

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Hi @theankou ! Is there any update on this please?

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i’m waiting for news from legal team, i’ll let you know when i’ll get update

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Hi @theankou , sorry to bother you, but is there any update on this? Thank you

Legal team is waiting for more evidence, can you check your mail again, please? you should got message from legal team

Hello @andrec IP rights is approved, however, there issue with your wearbale in-world, looks like it’s broken

to fix this issue you should delete all bones with _end suffix
also, i recommend you to assign backpack strips to 1 to spine2 bone

also, as i noted, your backpack goes to tiara category, to match this category you will need to add additional tiara model, thank you!

Thanks @theankou ! Re-uploaded with your comments in mind and included a t-shirt to make it part of the upper body section!

please adjust female version, it should not overlap with standard pants (you can upload GLB file for first gender, then hit three dots and add additional model for second gender, so you won’t need to to publish 2 models separately)

Thanks for your help once again @theankou ! Just uploaded the female version!

can you fix/change color of hole cover?

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@theankou Re-Uploaded! :slight_smile:

issue with neck weights

backpack have hole

The hole is there purposely.

The neck weights are being adjusted.

Hi @theankou ! As Luca said the hole in the backpack is on purpose so the goldfish packet can pop out from the bag itself! Just uploaded the new files with the tshirt fixes!

there is a hole inside backpack, i dont ask to close the whole backpack, i ask to close holes inside backpack (because polygons renders only from 1 side in-game)