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Mana Golden Necklace

Hello Review Team,

Please review my collection and approve as soon as possible.

The collection has been assigned to Sango

You need a female representation

I think you are understanding something differently. This necklace with a locket is made for both men and women. And it can be worn by both sexes. You may have seen it on the neck of male celebrities. I am also attaching some example photos of this necklace that both sexes are fans of and wear.

Please allow this. If you have any further questions you can ask.

no, you misunderstand. the female model has a male chest. you should fix this. there should be 2 models for the one item. one for male and one for female

Sorry for the misunderstanding and thank you for the right suggestion. I publish this only for men now. Review it again.

This collection has been approved :slight_smile:

Hey Sango, does the thumbnail on this item need to be transparent? It’s very beautiful but is currently showing in market with a gold background which could confuse some buyers.

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yes good spot frank, @reeva2312 can you make the thumbnail background transparent

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Hi Frank and Sango,
Thanks for your approval.
It’s done, I changed it with a transparent thumbnail.


could you also reduce the materials and textures down to 2?

No, the quality of the object will be greatly reduced. The user will not enjoy using it.

I submit the update, check and let me know if you anything.

Hello Are you there?

This collection has been approved

Hello Are you there?

I submitted my collection update. How much take time for review?