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Glow Proud 23ā€™

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Glam Vision Cap

HoloBeam Suit

Prideful Mantle

Feather wing

hi i will check this now

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The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hi, a few points

  • please remove helmet from the replaces list

  • Add the earring to the thumbnail, this should take up half of the space in the thumbnail., the tri count also needs lowering or something adding to the hides list

sure thing @Sango will let you know when its done

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Hello @Sango I applied the changes I cant reduce the wings however I hide top head and eyewear

here you can see it together with new thumbnail

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perfect, let me know once you have removed helmet from the hides on the cap too :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry I forgot already done that as well

its still there on my end, can you try refresh and try again?

oh Iā€™m sorry about that I tried refreshing and changing again it should be good now

thanks, this collection has been approved

hello @Sango I have to send the collection to review again since I had to change the descruiption of the prideful mantle can you check it when possible? :pray:

Hi, your updates have now been pushed