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Hey @0xc951…f2b3f! How are you?

Currently there is not a category for entire skin or avatar, please consider to do an upper body, helmet, or one of the existing categories in the avatar backpack.



I am doing good thanks quite excited to publish our first wearable! I hope you are doing good as well :smiley:

I thought to publish it as a whole, since for me it doesn’t make sense to divide it and publish them individually. Moreover, it would become way too expensive for me.

We thought the right category would be upper body, but we can definitely change it to one that you might think suits it better.

Hopping this one would be the first one of many wearables

Best :slight_smile:

Very Nice, I want one, please get this approved and on sale for the holidays


Looks good, nice work. I would actually like one of these too for Christmas :grin:

Can I third it … you creators are going to make me broke during christmas

Meanwhile here some images

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CC: @Shibu

@guiferja95 Are you planning on taking this forward?

Best option is to split the head geo, submit as a helmet alongside the body as an upper with lower combined.
The reason for this is a full body avatar is too misleading with the item labels etc…

Full avatars will in DCL in the future, thank you for your patience!

Hi @Malloy and @Shibu

Following your feedback I have modified this collection and now it only includes the head: picture.

and I have also published a new collection with the rest of the body, here the link: Collection 'Gingerman Body' created by 0xc951...f2b3f is ready for review!

Thanks for your feedback and help.


The body has been approved, now just waiting for this one to be approved (head) and then I will list both of them for sale.

Here a picture of the head meanwhile :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hi @BaconGrease, @freddduque7 and @FatherFin,

Head and Body approved!

Here you have the links:
Decentraland - Marketplace
Decentraland - Marketplace

Merry Christmas everyone :christmas_tree: