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Genesis Set

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Oversized Tee

Wrap Pants

Monogram Mask

Cyberspace Boots

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey @Misprint mask slot is accessory and limit is 500 triangles, please add more categories to hiding list, or reduce triangle count to 500

all other wearables - perfect

however, collection is approved, but please push changes to mask asap and tag me when it’s done, thank you!

Hey @theankou thank you! Just pushed an update

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sorry, but skin categorry do not count x)
add to hiding list any 2 accessories categories (tiara, top_head, eyewear, earring)

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Added top head & helmet to the hides, was worth a shot!

helmet do not match accessory category

okay excluded eyewear

The collection has been assigned to theankou

collection re-approved!

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