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Genesis Collection Ethereality

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First Light

  • Description: Creation, the birth of the Metaverse. Nature, Light + Blockchain
  • Rarity: mythic
  • Category: upper_body

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hey i will review this now

could you reduce the materials and textures please?


Thanks Sango!
Please clarify, there is base skin, base hair, and the dcl colour atlas.
I have jpgs for the roses and the checks.
Plus the electric blue mat.
So total is 3 default and 3 my own.
I have a few duplicates of the atlas I need to work out how to remove.
Is 3 of my own ok? Thanks

I worked it and reduced it all down, images and materials see above, but when I import to dcl it’s still showing 18 mats and 11 textures. Maybe you can see something your side. Thanks much appreciated.

you still need to further reduce these numbers, look into using colour boards and textures in the same 512x512 texture that will help you get it down to reasonable numbers, also attach all objects in the file together by selecting all in object mode then right click>join. this wil fix the missreading in the builder but you still need to further reduce them (2 textures and 2materials + skin)

Thanks I understand. I can see I have my custom 2 textures and 1 blue colour material.
But how do I remove the hair or skin so it works with dcl without the main atlas. Thanks

Super!! I did it! Please check the update. :+1:

Hi Sango. Reminder to you that I have made the updates. Waiting on your reply thanks :pray:
This approval is timely for Metaverse Fashion Week. Please can someone let me know what’s needed to go live. Thanks thanks :pray:

i will check it over now :slight_smile:

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This collection has been approved

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Thank! Please confirm how the mint process works. What address goes in the box? And what amount do I enter? The item is mythic and shows 0/10 right now. :pray:

address is the address you want to receive the items and the number is how many to that address to send

Super thanks! So that’s for like an airdrop. Got it.

Another thing please: Looking at my listing on the marketplace now the wearable is not on the screen properly when on item view. Please can you tell me if I can edit that or how to fix it. Thanks

where is the origin point in relation to the model in blendeR?

It’s at the feet in the middle of them directly.

is there any invisible geometry floating above the model?

Nothing is hidden. When I do select all in object view only the wearable is active. I look around 360 not seeing anything. Here is the x y z .

place it at world origin (where x,y,z meet)

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