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Gekoloniseerd Hoodie

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Design looks very clear, i like this one!

Opa here, i would like to meet more Dutch people in the Decentraland community!

my DCL name: Opaaq0

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Thanks for your comment! I’ve sent a friend request in DCL :smiley:

Cool hoodie, reviewing now :+1:

There’s 2 things I noticed that needs fixing:
The hoodie does not have a female representation, it’s not a mandatory requirement, but I don’t see any reason not to.

And also the thumbnail has to be transparent, showing only the wearable, no background. Because the color is added automatically based on the rarity of the wearable and adding a background causes it to go outside the bounds of the UI in the wardrobe.
Can see example below:

Other than that it’s looking great :slight_smile:

Oke, thanks for the feedback! I will create one on the BaseFemale as well, I will also provide the transparent background :slight_smile:

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Hi Chestnutbruze!

The female representation and male are both added, also the wearable on a transparent background.
If there is anything that needs still need some attention please let me know!

Kind regards!

Hey @typicallydutch !

Looks like you accidentally uploaded the female representation and replaced the male one with it.

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Oh no XD it is a crop top now instead of a hoodie hahaha. Will fix it!

Should be fixed now :smiley:

Great, approved :+1:

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:partying_face:Thanks for your time :smiley:

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Hi @Chestnutbruze!

I made some changes in the tags, I saw that these included a , in it, i have changed the tags without a , in it.

reapproved it now :+1:

Hi @Chestnutbruze!

Hope you are doing well! We have pushed a thumbnail change to this one.

Hi @Chestnutbruze

Any chance for a quick image review to have this finally reapproved it has been over a month now :smiley:

aye, sorry. taking a look now

Having trouble approving it, looks like hte issue is the thumbnail size.

you need to upload with the correct size: 512x512