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GeckoCon 2022

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Blue Gecko Pants 2022

Blue Gecko Shoes 2022

Green Gecko Shoes 2022

Green Gecko Jacket 2022

Purple Gecko Jacket 2022

Purple Gecko Pants 2022

Blue Gecko Jacket 2022

Green Gecko Pants 2022

Purple Gecko Shoes 2022

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Will check these soon!

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Hey, looks like the normals on the shoe are flipped, the faces on the hood are single sided so you can see through when looking from the inside and Upper & Lower body arent connected to each other correctly on male. Representations on female for upper and lower body should be uploaded too because the waist line is higher.

Should also include a hair design or hide the hair so it doesnt collide with hood

Hi DCL Review Team

@Yannakis @collections , this collection has been updated

  • All the hair have been hidden for wearing upper body
  • Glitch of the waist disappear has been fixed

Let us know what else is needed. Coingecko team would like this to be done asap. appreciate the review!

Harry | Team Lead @ Bondly

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Hey still a lot of clipping, weighting and flipped normals issues. Please tag me here when its fixed.



@Yannakis @collections

Fixed completed, uploaded newer version, please review again. Appreciate it!

Collection approved!