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FurryPawsNFT - Official Hoodie

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FurryPawsNFT - Hoodie

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Hi! You will need to provide IP rights to team

wearable model is ok

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Good evening @theankou,
Iā€™m Andrea, the founder of Furry Paws NFT Project, I want to thank you for the fast reply

We have sent the email at the address that you provided

This is our first wearable and we are very happy and proud to bring our brand over Decentraland :hearts:

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

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Good evening @theankou, there is no hurry and I want to do things correctly,

I sent the email a week ago, this is the first time that I send a wearable and I would know how many business days do usually the legal team of Decentraland needs to verify the informations and accept the wearable?

Let me know if I have to provide more infos


collection approved!

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