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Fun Guys (Arnj Joe X Tangpoko)

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Red Fun Guy

Blue Fun Guy


Nice characters. One of your items can be confusing for other users. Please change category of the item named " Blue Fun Guy" to top head or emphasize the earring on the item thumbnail.
Thank you.

These are SO CUTE!!! LOVE!!! <3


@vrglitch : I’ve updated the thumbnail for Blue Fun Guy, hopefully this one is more acceptable. Thanks!

@Raevyn : Thank you! :smiley:


Thumbnail is updated.

@vrglitch - are these ready to go yet? I can’t wait to see them in world!

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bumping again.

Please review?

Collection approved. Have a great day!

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@vrglitch :partying_face:
Thank YOU sir and have a great 2022!

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@vrglitch I just updated the GLB’s to remove the vertex colors. Didn’t realize vertex colors were reflected int he marketplace 3d view. Sorry to drag you back here but can you approve again please?

Hey @arnj_joe , update approved!