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Will check this now!

Skins have to be similar to the avatars base shape which means they must include arms, legs and head

Is there a way I can preview the skin walking? Either in the builder preview or programatically.

For example, when I created Carbon Coffee on parcel 15,61 I used code to set the various models. Can I programmatically add my test skin to the scene?

I also tried this:

But it looks like is for published wearables only. I would like to see how my skin looks walking during development. If possible, it would be great to add “Walk” “Run” to the builder preview actions. (Dancing is nice, but the basics would be helpful.)

I’ve updated the skin. Please review at your earliest convenience.

Writing to followup on this skin. Please let me know if it’s good or if I need to revise.

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Collection approved!