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Forbes MVFW 2023

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Forbes Legacy

Forbes Aristocrat

Forbes Prestige

hey i will check this now

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can you start by sending in an email to with proof of rights to use “forbes” IP

Sure @Sango , Its for a collab we are doing with Forbes for the fashion week do you think if we send these will work?

Article in Forbes website;
Forbes Is Embracing The Metaverse

yes that should be fine, please forward to legal

Theres some clipping on the back of the male and female versions of forbes aristocrat

There is also some clipping on the hoodie on the female version

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hello @Sango we have sent the email to legal, and we have also sent the corrections to the wearables you can review them if you want again

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Hello @Sango any news, sorry to bother you but we need the wearables for the Fashion week that starts tomorrow

just waiting on the gas to fall below 150 :slight_smile:

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This collection has been approved :slight_smile: