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Fly High Amnesia

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Amnesia Hoverboard Day

Amnesia Hoverboard Night

**Amnesia Hover Cloud Night **

**Amnesia Hover Cloud Day **

Amnesia Wings Day

Amnesia Wings Night


Really cool, really creative how you handled the lower bodies too

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we are making some slight adjustments to the female rep for each of these

Hey! It seems to be some issues with other wearables, please adjust waist vertices and use reference models in order to get a perfect fit with other items.


Also please notice that hip heights are different for female and male representation. Please use reference models.

Thank you!!
Have a great day.

@vrglitch just uploaded some new models, pls let me know if the same issues are still happening

Hey @Saus, looking much better. There is still some issues on some intersection. Do you want to fix it?

Thank you!!

yes i will have the team fix, ty. will tag once uploaded @vrglitch

@vrglitch these have all been updated to fix mistakes. let me know if further corrections are needed

Hey! you may want to hide shoes

It seems waist is is not matching with the default avatar. Do you want to fix it?
Please use Avatars_Female_Basemesh.fbx - Google Drive as reference to match vertices.

Thank you!

SIIIIIIIIIICK GUYS!!! really awesome

looks rare congrats!

@vrglitch these all should be good to go

Do you want to fix this?

these should be good to go @vrglitch

Collection approved. Thank you!