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Fluir a la Web3

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Metaskins x Cartograma

I will check collection now

@theankou Thank you very much, we are running an event tomorrow so we appreciate if you can put this through as soon as possible.

change wearable category to eyewear
remove everything from, hiding and replaces categories

add this categories to hiding list:

  • mask

@Camila-Metaskins tagging you to make sure that you see notification with message

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey @theankou I just did the changes you asked

looks like model have issues with weight painting / assigning to skeleton, because it’s still invisible in-world
make sure to apply all transforms, assign model to skeleton, weight peint all vertices to 1 to head bone, and make sure to delete all bones with _end suffix

you can check wearables in-world, go to your collection, click on it → there will be button “see in-world”

@theankou I already changed the file and checked on world, its working for me, please let me know if it works for you.

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collection approved!

@theankou Thank you vey much!