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Flower Frenz

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Flower Crown

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Hey will review this now


Very cool and colorful! I love it!


All good, but consider making it 1.5-2 times smaller - atm it’s too big.



Thank you @AnimatorKirk . I have a clarifying question. What do you mean by 1.5-2 times smaller? Do you mean scale it down 75 - 50% of its current diameter?

Regarding the proportions I was using the existing wings/top-head wearables as a reference. Many are the width of an arm span. A couple are wider than that. I envisioned the bloom to be roughly in proportion to the body as if the avatar’s body was the stem.


Yes, 75% would be just right. Right now the bloom may obstruct line of sight for other players just too much\overlap with other avatars, which is a no-no according to our guidelines.


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Super! Thank you for the clarification. I assume the guidelines you referenced are in the documentation. I will be sure to read that more closely. I appreciate your time and consideration.

Graphic created and uploaded. New GLB file uploaded. Should be good to go.

Before at previous scale

After at 0.75 scale. I reset all the transforms so it should be all good to go. Just going to create the graphic for the thumbnail.

Collection approved!

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Thank you so much! I appreciate the clear expectations and communication.

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