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Bump for review, please. Thanks!

Any quick comments for me to work on? Thanks lots!

@michi @Yannakis @AndreusAs

Hey, will review now.

Consider updating thumbnail to better represent the wearable. That close up doesn’t really help and obstructs sight of the rarity color.

Otherwise it’s good to go.


@AndreusAs Thanks for the comments! I have updated the thumbnail as suggested.

Not trying to be an ass here but I’ve been Told on ANYTHING DBZ related needs to have permission and be Licensed by Funimation, I was told mine was to similar to things from Dragonball, I can tell you exactly what this is. “Over 9000!”? Is literally a quote from the show.
@michi ??? Almost every character that powers up in the show looks like this. Sorry

Yo, thanks for asking! I’m pretty sure you’ve been told anything using the IP of someone else needs to be updated~
Looking at this it’s not a direct rip of anything, yeah it’s the similar energy as DBZ but not same. It’s harder to attach IP to something so ambiguous. Your Dragon Ball aura was a direct rip, I could actually put an image next to it and show it’s identical. This I wouldn’t say you can do the same even if you did change it to yellow:

If others in the community disagree and DO believe it’s IP it can be flagged and disabled. Committee members represent the guidelines and community and if there’s a clear request then we can disable or re-review.
Thank you!

Hello all!! My apologizes @michi for intruding on this topic, however I believe that you are mistaking in your assessment here. Hydra is a massive part of the DCL community as you are yourself. I respectfully ask that you don’t accuse him of “Ripping Work” in this pretense. Hydra’s point is valid. “Over 9001” is a reference to DBZ whether you would like to admit it or not.
As you may more may not know, I am one of the main DCL Streamers as well, and I can respectfully say the majority of my community supports Hydra, and his work. He is a valuable asset to this community.
With that being said, back to the point at hand. I reviewed your discussion with him, and I will say that honestly anything DBZ related this included could be considered a copyright infringement on Funimation. I myself Work with my best friend Bajheera, who has direct contact of Funimation for DBZ , and would be able to verify this if need. I know that you yourself published a Weed Version of the Flying Nimbus, so potentially that could also be linked in as well.
I don’t want it to get to that point for sure, but I am noticing a biased, or at the very least inconsistently with the way that wearables are being done. Some Curators are allowing things easier than others, and vice versa. I will say though that being a Curator should mean you are working “Customer Service” , and if you are trying to project an image of professionalism, the way that was written was too strong. Not just you, but others have as well in the response to others.
I would appreciate you guys making and SOP ,or procedural code that you all universally follow. Feel free to speak with me in DMs or even voice chat further to not flood his wearable page.

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Hi all, thanks for the feedback. I had removed the ‘9000’ reference. I was just poking fun at the pop culture/ meme format.

However, for the design of the wearable, I feel that my iteration is generic enough and is practically used by many many games in the market (lightning aura, flame surrounding the character) during ‘level ups’. That being said, I am open for any decision by the reviewer to amend the design further.


Thank you so much for the feedback @Veritasdh. I totally hear what you’re saying and you are more than welcome to review my work as I can show my development and cultural references that aren’t related to anime. Shaun had previously created commercial content which he even referenced when asked to change due to IP infringement.

Told on ANYTHING DBZ related needs to have permission

I’m glad you could look back and see my feedback.
As a representative of the community I respect both you and @AtomicHydra opinion and will have another committee member re-review so it’s an unbiased 3rd opinion that can give clear feedback.

Currently you’ve just supplied some banners and a Dragon Ball z image as evidence. Please feel free to add an aura image reference that matches this design to make this a clear conclusion ~

I’ll step out from this discussion unless tagged again but hopefully @theankou or @Lauretta @Yannakis can give this a third re-review.

Very much appreciated that you’re both looking for IP infringement which helps the committee flag any issues.

I think it doesnt look that much indentical to Goku Aura, BTW, we have hairs that loook much moooore similar to goku style. Dont see any problems with this aura, mate :+1:


I sent you a DM on Twitter. I don’t want to blow up his wearable wall. Thank you!

Collection approved.