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Will check this item now!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Please reduce the materials to 2

Hi! thanks for your swift answer. I will try that!

Once i changed it, where do i submit it again ? i dont nee to pay again the fees right ?

No need to pay fee again. You can go back to builder page, select the collection and edit the wearable

I suggest instead of using 10 materials to use a texture with all colors and assign the UVs to each color.

Hi thanks for the feedback i’ll review that

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Hi @Yannakis please check i made the requested changes

Collection approved!!

@Yannakis Thank you! Will it be automatically available on the marketplace ? I dont see it yet

You have to go back to builder and switch “ON SALE” on

Oh yes right thank you @Yannakis

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Hey @Rycks
When you make any changes (even adding tags) the item must be approved again from curators.
Please make sure to write here a message and @ tag your curator letting him know to check your wearable again :slight_smile:

  • Add override wearables > hat, helemt,

Hi @fabeeobreen thanks for the tip i did not know. I did the changes requested let me know if its ok!

Collection is approved @Rycks

@theankou taggin you too just in case - can you please review that wearable ? (it’s been a while so not sure who is working here still or not)

@Rycks this collection is been approved on july 31