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**Feetshoes **

Personal thoughts on this is that rather than having ‘feetshoes’ be an epic item, DCL should simply allow all users to remove their feet slot item and run around barefoot. I think it’s a great idea, but something so commonly-desired shouldn’t be limited to a select few players. I would love to hear others’ thoughts on this as well.

that is the genius of it, if people are desperate to run around barefoot, but DCL doesn’t have that feature, why not make a clothing item that allows players to do just that by wearing feet shoes.
Rarety and price are both Negotiable. but I would like to keep the price relatively high, the price is rather cheap compared to other epic items.

Hi @Mamato. The model seems to have several issues with geometry, skin tone is not using AvatarSkin_MAT and normals seems to have issues as well.

Also i think that this shouldn’t be a wearable per se, because it can solved in the explorer level if that what users want. If the barefoot has something particular and creative, that would be other the case.


Okay I have my work cut out for me

okay, so I fixed the color of the shoes
and I turned them into boots
fixed the geometry
and created a new thumbnail

Nice change! But…still has some geometry issues, also it seems that the normals are not working as expected, please review the normals.


okay, so, after about two days of troubleshooting I decided to make it into a sweater.

it fits and works, please approve, I am exhausted

Hey @Mamato,

The sweater continues to clip in the back and some issues with the geometry in the wrists.

Maybe someone in the community can help you with the mesh. Ask in #making-wearables in Discord.


OKAY so I finished, I made the sweater into a helmet
there should be no glitches on it, please approve
I have spent $500 dollars in fees on this platform and I don’t want it to go to waste

Hey @Mamato! The head looks great!

Please add this (because some things doesn’t need to be rendered:

Change the category to “helmet”"
Replace: hat, top head, tiara, eyewear
Hides: earrings (maybe facial hair and hair)


okay, It is done, can it be approved?