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Feet Marika

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Color keda

  • Description: colorful skulls
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: feet

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Taking a look now! :slight_smile:

Hello!! few things! the current tri count for this wearable is slightly over the limit! can you please try to bring it down to around 1500 tris please! Thank you!!
Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 11.43.38 PM

Second I see this was only uploaded as a male wearable, please make sure you make this item a both! this way both avatars can use the item!:slight_smile: Once this is done @ me here again and i will take another look!
Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 11.43.45 PM

Hi @HirotoKai , please look at the changes. :pleading_face:

Sorry about the delay!! Approved thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks , no problem. :hugs:

Привет @HirotoKai , please look at the changes made.

Taking a look now!:slight_smile:

All set thank you!!!:slight_smile: