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Fat Man


hello all :smiley:
This is my 7th wearable published.

1 Material
1 Texture
1358 Triangles

No female representation atm

Please let me know if there are any problems


Hey @dogman will check this now!

Currently lots of clipping and distortion…

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Thank you for the quick reply! Will fix this asap! Its clipping between the legs and slightly in the back? Any other spots?

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Yeap around the waist and between legs

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Got you will fix today :slight_smile:

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hey @Yannakis made some changes and fixed the clipping issues. please let me know if anything else needs to be changed thanks!

hey @Yannakis just checking in on this one thanks!!!

Yooo, still clipping and a bit distortion. Also thumbnail is missing. Not sure if something like this can work

thanks for the reply. Do you think reducing the leg scale would solve this problem? or any other suggestions?

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Yeah i’d reduce the leg scale

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ok will do thank you

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Awesome, make sure to tag me when you update!

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The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey @Yannakis have updated the model again. got rid of the leg clipping completely please let me know if theres anything else to fix! thank you so much

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hey @Yannakis just checking in! know you have a lot to review and dont want this to get lost in the pile! thanks :smiley:

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Looks good, just make this part allign and ill approve asap

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great! will do this right now thanks :smiley:

@Yannakis have fixed the ankles! please let me know if theres anything else thanks!