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Fashion Week (March 2022)

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Angel Cape (FW Spring '22)

Hey, gonna review this.

  1. There is no upper body embedded in this wearable, thus it looks like this being in the upper body category. Consider making it a helmet, or adjusting the model in such a way, that it has an upperbody part.

  2. In the screenshot above you can also see, that the wearble doesn’t utilize double-sided shader, basically, it’s not seen from frontal view.

  3. In the screenshot above it is also seen, that hair styles clip through the wearable. Consider adding a hairstyle as part of the wearable and updating the “Hides” category.


  1. Hey, we’ve updated the category and assigned the “helmet”.
  2. How can we assign the double-sided shader? In the builder, it looks like it’s working.
  3. The “hair” override (hide) is added but we’re going with the bald look.

Hey, looks like the only way to make the material double sided - is to duplicate polys and inver their normals.


Hey, if we duplicate the polys then the tri count will increase eventually and might cross the limitation.
But when we see it in builder (screenshot attached) it seems that the double-sided shader is working there.

It’s 1500 tris for a helmet + it hides hair. So x2 tris atm won’t be a big deal :slight_smile:

It’s updated, please have a look and let us know. :smiley:

Hey, consider fixing some minor clipping issues, like these:



Hey, can you please tell us how can we check the wearable in-game? Let it be a local server or anything.
Because these clipping issues are not visible in the given animations, would like to see the walk animations.
We also want to record some content of the wearables in-game, it would be great if you can let us know about it.

Hey, you need to switch to the Ropsten testnet and choose “See in world” option here:


Thank you!

We’ve uploaded the fixed version, please have a look.

Hey, collection has been approved!

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